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Insurance Contacts

Contact your plan provider with the information listed below.

Stanford HealthCare Alliance (SHCA)

Group # 109047
Member Services: (855) 345-7422

Delta Dental PPO
Group #2843
Member Services: (800) 765-6003

Vision Services Plan (VSP)
Group #12268985
Member Services: (800) 877-7195

Postdoc Assistance Program:
Resources For Living
Username and Password: SUPD
Member Services: (888) 238-6232

Travel Assistance Program
Assist America
Basic Travel Assist
Reference #01-aa-std-5201

Extended Travel Assistance
Reference #01-AA-STD-5201E

United States, Canada, Puerto Rico,
U.S. Virgin Islands and Bermuda

Everywhere else



Disability Insurance Carriers
The Standard - Stipend paid postdocs
Group # 640844
To file a claim: (800) 378-2395

AbsenceOne - Salary Paid postdocs
File  a claim either by using AbsenceOne Portal or by calling (866-566-1906)

COBRA Administrator