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Childcare Waitlist Fee Reimbursement Program



The Childcare Waitlist Fee Reimbursement Program supports your family by providing up to $100 in waitlist fee reimbursement per year, per family. This program is new for 2019 and applies to waitlist fees that were paid on or after Jan 1, 2019.

  • Please Note: Combined Reimbursement for both HIP/Fitness Class and Childcare Waitlist Fee cannot exceed $100 per year, per postdoc.
  • Please Note: Two postdocs who are married to each other may each claim the reimbursement, but not for the same child. For example, if a postdoc family has 3 children, one postdoc may claim reimbursement for 2 of the children, and the other postdoc may claim for the 3rd child.


All active Stanford appointed postdoctoral scholars are eligible for the Childcare Waitlist Fee Reimbursement  for fees paid on or after their appointment start date, or on or after the date on the offer letter when the offer letter is used to secure placement before the appointment has begun. Visiting postdoctoral scholars are not eligible for the reimbursement.

Dependent Eligibility

You may claim the Waitlist Fee Reimbursement for your child, stepchild, adopted child, child placed in anticipation of adoption, foster child, a child for which you are the legal guardian, and a child of a registered domestic partner. You may also claim the reimbursement for a child you are expecting.

Childcare Facility Eligibility

The childcare center requiring a waitlist fee must be licensed by the Community Care Licensing Division of the State Department of Social Services. Postdoc Benefits does not provide reimbursement for facilities that have not completed the licensing process.

Reimbursement Submission

  • Fill out and return the Waitlist Fee Reimbursement Form
  • Provide all required documentation
    • Proof of payment of waitlist fee
    • Proof of being added to the waitlist
  • Email form and required documentation to Postdoc Benefits at
  • Review and approval can take up to 10 business days


  • Reimbursement is in the form of a gift card
  • No cash reimbursements
  • Gift cards can be picked up at the Postdoc Benefits Office or at an agreed upon location between the postdoc and the Postdoc Benefits Office
  • Gift cards must be picked up within 30 days of being notified of approval. Gift cards not picked up will be returned to stock and the postdoc will need to reapply for reimbursement
  • PLEASE NOTE: There are limited funds available for this reimbursement program. Once the 2019 funds are exhausted, the program will close until the following year and we will issue no further reimbursements. 2019 expenses will not be reimbursed in 2020.