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Special Enrollment Rules

If you originally waived coverage because you had other qualifying health coverage, you may be eligible to change your elections mid-year under the following circumstances:

  • The other coverage was COBRA and it is now exhausted.*
  • The other coverage was not COBRA and either the coverage terminated due to an involuntary loss of eligibility or employer contributions towards such coverage terminated.*
  • The other coverage was Medicaid  or state Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and coverage terminated due to loss of eligibility.**
  • You become eligible for state premium assistance under a Medicaid  or CHIP plan. (This is an optional state program under Medicaid or CHIP that pays your share of the premium for group health plan coverage.)**

Your coverage and premiums in the postdoc plans will be retroactive to the first day of loss of Medicaid or state coverage or any "other" medical coverage.

If your dependents also had other health coverage and have experienced an involuntary loss of that coverage in the above situations, they may be added to your coverage.  However, you will not be able to add yourself or your dependents to this coverage if the other coverage was terminated "for cause" (including failure to timely  pay the required premiums).

Additionally, you may enroll yourself and your spouse (with or without the new dependent) in the postdoc health care plan following marriage, adoption, placement for adoption or birth. You must be enrolled in order to cover your dependents.

*You must process this change in Benelogic within 31 days of the date you are eligible to change your coverage under this provision.
**You must notify  the Postdoc Benefits Office within 60 days of the date you are eligible to change your coverage under this provision.