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Waiving Stanford's Medical Insurance

As a  Stanford appointed postdoc, you must maintain medical coverage that meets ACA and Stanford requirements for the duration of your appointment, including during an approved leave of absence. If you currently have medical coverage through a spouse's/partner's employer plan, or through a private policy, you have the option of waiving Stanford medical coverage.To waive coverage you must submit:

  • Proof of your other medical coverage in the form of a current benefits statment showing your name, insurance plan, and the effective date of coverage​
    • Accidental sickness and injury travel policies are not accepted
    • To consider your foreign insurance policy, please provide the full policy for review. Policy must be in English
  • Copy of your medical ID card

Please email all documents within 31 days of your appointment start date to Postdoc Benefits. Other insurance must meet ACA and other Stanford requirements.

Please Note:

  • Waiving medical insurance does not excuse you from attending the required Postdoc Benefits Orientation. Make sure you are registered for a session. If you do not attend, your option to waive medical coverage will be revoked and you will be enrolled in the lowest cost plan.
  • Unless you are covered by GME Benefits you still need to login to Benelogic and actively waive the insurance you can, medical, dental, vision and the Extended Travel Assistance Program. You cannot waive short and long term disability, life/AD&D, and the Postdoc Assistance Program (PAP).

Changing Your Elections

If you originally waived coverage because you had other qualifying health coverage, you may be eligible to change your elections mid-year.

Review the Special Enrollment Rules