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Open Enrollment 2023

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Open Enrollment 2023

Your opportunity to make changes to your benefits with no qualifying life event required! Take advantage of this time to add or drop dependents from your medical, dental, and vision plans. For example, if you haven't added your child to your dental plan because they were too young for dental care at the time of your new hire elections, but now those teeth could use a cleaning, now is the time to add them.

Read ahead for all of the 2023 changes!

2023 Benefits Guide

Login to Benelogic between October 24 thru November 11 to make Open Enrollment elections. Even if you don't plan on making any changes, it is still a good idea to log in and verify that your address and life insurance beneficiaries are current.

If you want to waive medical insurance for 2023, you must provide proof of having suitable coverage that meets ACA and Stanford requirements.

If you make no changes during this time, then what you have now will automatically roll over into 2023.

Medical Coverage

Stanford Health Care Alliance (SHCA) continues to be our insurance plan for Stanford Postdocs

We have expanded coverage of transgender services. In addition to gender-affirming surgeries, you also have coverage for additional services previously excluded as “cosmetic,” such as hair removal. View the 2023 Summary of Benefits and Coverages.

Postdoc-only coverage will continue at no cost to you. However, there will be an increase in dependent premiums beginning January 1, 2023. Please be sure to check out the 2023 Health Premium Rate Sheet below this page.

Learn more about our medical plan

Dental Coverage

GOOD NEWS! - No Increase in Dental Premiums

There are no benefit changes to our Delta Dental plan for 2023, and postdoc-only coverage will continue to be at no cost to you.

Learn more about our dental plan

Vision Coverage - EyeMed Becomes New Carrier Jan 1, 2023

You will enjoy the same and sometimes better benefits with EyeMed, plus a decrease in vision premiums! EyeMed will send out Vision ID cards soon, so check your mailbox for this and other important information. To see all that EyeMed will be offering you, visit our dedicated web page.

Learn about your new vision insurance provider, EYEMed

Meru Health and Brightline Continue in 2023

Meru Health is a 12-week online mental wellness program that uses a mind-body approach to help reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and long-term burnout. The program has been clinically validated by Stanford Medicine, Harvard, and UC Davis researchers. The program is free for Stanford postdocs enrolled in Stanford Health Care Alliance and their dependents aged 18 and over. Please confirm your state’s eligibility at registration.

Learn more about Meru Health

Brightline is the first behavioral health solution designed specifically to support children and families with whatever tough stuff they’re dealing with in their busy lives.

Learn more about Brightline

2023 Health Premium Rate Sheet

Health premium increases are always a concern, and we take great care when deciding premiums. There will be an increase in the cost of medical insurance for 2023. Dental premiums remain the same, and vision premiums decrease.

2023 Health Premium Rate Sheet