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VSP Vision Insurance

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Effective Jan 1, 2023, EyeMed becomes the new vision insurance carrier.

You will receive a vision ID card in the mail in December. Use this card to access services beginning January 1, 2023

Continue to use VSP through December 31, 2022.

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Vision Services Plan (VSP)
Group #12268985
Member Services: 800-877-7195

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Find 2022 plan documentation and resources for VSP

VSP is the vision insurance carrier for your vision plan

Vision coverage is designed to assist you and your covered dependents by paying a portion of eligible expenses incurred for various vision services.

Practice good vision health. Obtain an eye exam every year and help stop vision loss before it starts. 

  • Diabetic retinopathy can be prevented with regular eye exams 90% of the time.
  • Glaucoma will take you by surprise, and there aren't any symptoms.
  • Macular degeneration can cause damage you may not notice until it's too late.

Vision Plan Features

Laser vision correction discounts

Use VSP contracted facilities to save on LASIK corrections services. After surgery, use your frame allowance (if eligible) for sunglasses from any VSP doctor.

Glasses and sunglasses

Maximize your benefits with  special offers on glasses and sunglasses

  • Average 35% - 40% savings on all non-covered lens option
  • 30% off additional glasses and sunglasses, including lens options, from the same VSP doctor on the same day as your exam. Or get 20% off from any VSP doctor within 12 months of your last exam.

Online Retail Option

Eyeconic is the only online retailer where you can buy glasses, sunglasses, and contacts with your VSP benefits to save up to $220


Receive rebates and special savings with these exclusive contact lens offerings.

Diabetic Eyecare Program

Diabetes Care Special Offers provide coverage for additional medical eyecare services targeted explicitly toward members with Type 1 diabetes. Members still receive routine eye care from their VSP doctor, which allows them to get follow-up medical care from the same VSP doctor after a $20 copay.

TruHearing Hearing Aid Discount

TruHearing makes hearing aids affordable by providing exclusive savings to all VSP Vision Care members. Save up to 60% on a pair of hearing aids with TruHearing. Your dependents and extended family members are eligible, too.