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Making Changes to Your Benefits

After you've made your new hire benefit elections, there are two instances when you can change those benefit elections:

  • During Open Enrollment - an annual event that occurs every late October and runs for three weeks. During this period you may make any changes to your medical, dental, vision plans that you like, adding and dropping yourself and dependents as you like. For you to drop medical insurance, we still require that you provide proof of having other coverage before we can allow it. You may also drop or enroll in the Extended Travel Assistance Program. Changes made during the OE period become effective Jan 1 of the following year.
  • If you experience a qualifying life event (QLE) - a life event that allows you to make changes to your health plans outside of OE.  You will have 31 days from the event date to make changes to your health plans. You will need to provide proof of the event and dependent eligibility documentation when processing the change request to make the change. Detailed instructions for processing qualifying life events are on our website under Documentation and Instructions. If you do not process a change request within the 31 days of the event date, you will have to wait until the following Open Enrollment to make changes.

Your QLE must result in an involuntary loss or gain of eligibility by you or a qualified dependent (spouse, domestic partner, child/ren). Additionally, your new election must be as a result of the event and must correspond with that involuntary loss or gain of coverage.

Under IRS rules, these are some of the life event changes that qualify for new benefit elections:

  • Birth, adoption, placement for adoption or legal custody of a child*. (You must enroll your new child within 31 days of the baby’s birth date, adoption or placement date, even if you already have coverage for other dependent children).
  • Marriage, domestic partnership, divorce or legal separation
  • Family enters the U.S.
  • Family returns to their home country (not eligible to be added back on unless gone for 3+ months or until Open Enrollment)
  • A dependent gains other coverage either through an employer sponsored plan or private plan
  • A dependent involuntarily loses their coverage through an employer or private plan
  • A dependent no longer qualifies for coverage
  • A dependent becomes qualified for coverage
  • Death of a spouse, registered domestic partner or a dependent

Processing a Qualifying Life Event

If you experience a QLE during the year

  • Process the QLE online using the Benelogic enrollment website. Once logged in to Benelogic, your home screen will ask you what you want to do.​ You will click on "Make a Change", then "Submit a Qualifying Status Change".
    • If you just want to update or change beneficiaries, select "Update Beneficiaries".
  • Instructions for many qualifying life events can be found here, under Benelogic Instructions

You must submit dependent eligibility documentation and supporting documentation verifying QLE within 31 days of your qualifying event **in order for your mid-year change to be approved. These documents should be uploaded at the time you process your event using the File Cabinet tool in Benelogic which is explained in the instructions.

If you are adding dependents, you will be required to enter your bank account information before you can submit your enrollment. Current rates can be found on the Monthly Contribution Rates sheet.

*You may add other dependents to your health plan when processing a qualifying life event that is the result of the addition of a new child, however, the other dependent's effective date will be the the first of the following month. Only the new child's effective date is the date of birth, adoption, or placement.

**​There are times when supporting documentation - proof of event - cannot be obtained within the 31 day window. As long as you process your QLE within 31 days, we can extend the deadline for submitting documentatioin to 45 days, BUT, you must initiate the change request within 31 days.

Updating Your Personal Information - Postdocs must do this in two places.


  • Medical ID cards, Explanation of Benefits (EOB), any reimbursements you may be entited to, Open Enrollment information, and other important health information from all insurers and the Postdoc Benefits Office will be mailed to the address in Benelogic.


  • Year-end tax forms, pay checks, retirement information as well as other important Stanford communications are sent to your address in AXESS. Instructions are here