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Medical ID Card for New Member

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Getting into Aetna's database is a process that can take a minimum of 11 days from the date you attend the Postdoc Benefits Orientation. This is the process and we ask you pay special attention to the timing.

  1. Attend the postdoc benefits orientation - These sessions occur every other Tuesday from 10 am - 12:15 pm.
  2. After attendance, you can proceed with enrolling in benefits.
  3. An eligibility file is sent to Aetna every Monday night with newly enrolled postdoc information. If you attend a session on Tuesday and submit your elections before 5 pm the following Monday, your information will go to Aetna that night. If you submit elections after Monday, then it would be the following Monday that your information goes to Aetna. This is the cycle until you submit benefit enrollment information. Information is sent every Monday night.
  4. Aetna receives the eligibility file on Tuesday. It takes them 1 - 3 business days to process the data.
  5. After the file is processed, a medical ID number is generated, and a medical ID card is printed and packaged for US postal mail delivery.
  6. Your information is typically in the system by the following Friday. On Friday, you can call SHCA Member Care Services* and ask for your medical ID number.
  7. With that number, you can
    1. Register on Aetna's website and print out a temporary ID card
      where to find print ID card
    2. Download Aetna's mobile app, register your medical ID number with the app and have a digital copy of your medical ID card on your phone.
    3. Make an appointment with a provider using your medical ID number.
  8. Medical ID cards will arrive in the mail at the address you entered in Benelogic at the time of enrollment in about 10 business days.

*SHCA Member Care Service Specialists can be reached Mon - Fri, 6:30 am thru 7 pm at 855-345-7422