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Pet Insurance

Stanford has teamed up with Nationwide Insurance to offer benefits-eligible postdocs coverage for their dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets. Under Nationwide’s plans, you can opt for a Pet Wellness Plan, a Major Medical Comprehensive Plan, or a combination of both. Additionally, you can continue to see your family vet because this insurance is accepted by veterinarians worldwide.

Plan Choices

Stanford pet parents who are active, benefits-eligible postdocs now have three Nationwide Insurance plans to choose from. Plan prices for Stanford postdocs include a 5% discount; if you have multiple pets, you may qualify for discounts of up to 15%. All plans include a 10-day, 100% money-back guarantee from Nationwide. Premiums are based on age of pet, species, size (as an adult) and state of residence; unfortunately, you cannot insure a pet with a pre-existing condition. 

Plan Plan Detail Pricing
Pet Wellness Plan Includes wellness exams, vaccinations, and flea/heartworm prevention $0 annual deductible; premiums start at $21/month
Major Medical Comprehensive Covers accidents, common illnesses, serious/chronic illnesses, hereditary conditions, procedures, hospitalizations and prescription medication. The age limit for cats and dogs for initial enrollment in this plan is 9 years. $250 annual deductible; premiums start at $29/month
Both Major Medical & Pet Wellness includes everything listed above $250 annual deductible for medical claims; premiums start at $47/month

To Enroll in Pet Insurance