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Mental Health for the Whole Family

Brightline brings exceptional behavioral health care to kids, teens, and their families, when and where they need it.

Connecting your child to the care they need

The Postdoc Benefits Office is proud to partner with Brightline to deliver virtual behavioral and mental health services that address your children's concerns and issues. This program is available to postdocs and their dependent children under 18 years old who are enrolled in the SHCA medical plan and are considered an in-network provider.

We understand that the modern world and current events have created additional stress and hardship, significantly affecting children of all ages. Currently, one in five children have a diagnosed behavioral health need, and 80% are not getting the care they need. In partnering with Brightline, you can access a wide range of options to help your family members find care that works for them.

How Brightline helps

Brightline's services are designed for children 18 months to 17 years old and parents and their caregivers. They can assist you with a range of everyday challenges, including anxiety, depression, behavior issues, cyberbullying, speech delays, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Brightline's online platform and Premium Connect+ membership provide on-the-go access to personalized resources, interactive exercises, group classes, and online chat with a Brightline Coach. Through interactive, 30-minute sessions, youth acquire valuable skills to help them navigate challenges and build resilience. Brightline also offers personalized care through video visits with child and adolescent psychologists, psychiatrists, speech therapists, and other professionals.

Improving mental health

Brightline members enjoy personalized care plans and on-demand support with no waitlist. After using Brightline's services, more than 70% of parents and caregivers report significant improvement in their children's disruptive behavior and anxiety symptoms.

Seeing your child's improvement, in turn, relieves some of your stress. "We know that we can give parents and caregivers a line of sight into the right care for the child. And that we can bring families the support when and where they need it most," said Naomi Allen, Brightline CEO and Co-founder.

Sign up for Brightline

  1. Create your personalized account at Brightline (be sure to have your Aetna insurance information ready)
  2. Choose what topics you'd like to focus on for your child, and start exploring the personalized content library
  3. If you'd like to speak with a coach or therapist, navigate to Get Care to schedule an appointment

For additional information, contact Brightline Member Support at 888-224-7332 or email