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SHCA Member Care Services

A dedicated team to support you in using the SHCA medical plan. They can:

  • Tell you your medical ID number and how to gain access to a digital copy of your ID card or print out a temporary one
  • Explain how the plan works
  • Explain the benefits of the plan
  • Help with understanding an Explanation of Benefits document
  • Help with understanding a bill you may have received
  • Help you find an in-network provider and make an appointment
  • How to make changes to your benefits (you do this in Benelogic)

SHCA Member Care Services is available 6:30 am - 7:00 pm, Mon - Fri. They are not open on weekends or holidays.

Their phone number is 855-345-7422

24-Hour Nurse Line - 1-800-556-1555

Talk to a registered nurse any time about any health condition, whether it's an urgent matter or you have some routine questions.

  • You and your covered dependents can talk to a registered nurse as many times as you need, and it is always FREE.
  • Get information on a wide range of health and wellness topics
  • Make better healthcare decisions
  • Find out more about a medical test or procedure
  • Get help preparing for a doctor's visit
  • Receive emails with links to videos that relate to your question or topic

Save time, money, and a trip to the emergency room

  • The 24-hour Nurse Line can possibly prevent an unneeded trip to the emergency room (ER)
  • You'll have reliable information you can trust, and it's just a phone call away

Visit your Aetna member website

Create an account and log in to visit the 24-Hour Nurse Line page online. Here's what you can do:

  • Send an email to the Nurse Line
  • Use the symptom checker
  • Learn about treatment options and health risks
  • Research a medicine

Informational Flyer

Care Finder

Finding the right resource for care can help you stay safe, save money, and avoid long wait times. This care finder can help you decide what kind of care you need; walk-in clinic, urgent care, or emergency room

Minor Health Concerns - migraine headaches, allergies, low fevers, stomach distress, earaches, sore throats

Use Aetna's Directory Link to Find More Walk-in Clinics Near You

24-Hour Nurse Line


Can help you assess minor health concerns and direct you to the type of care needed, whether it is self-care, virtual care via Teledoc, or a walk-in clinic24/7No Charge

Walk-in Clinics

Stanford Express Care

CVS Minute Clinics

Same-day in-person or video visits with a doctorVaries by location. No appointment is needed, but wait times vary

In-network: $5 copay

Out-of-Network: 20% plus balance billing

Virtual Visits


Visit a doctor from the comfort of your home. Appointments are available within hours24/7

$0 copay for primary care physician

$20 for a specialist

More Serious Health Concerns - minor cuts, burns, fractures, sprained joints

Use Aetna's Directory Link to Find an Urgent Care Center Near You

Urgent Care

In-person care from a doctorDaily - Hours vary by location

In-network: $40

Out-of-network: 40% plus balance billing

Life-threatening Emergencies - heart attack, stroke, respiratory distress, head injuries, poisoning, severe burns, bleeding, and fractures, wild or feral animal bites, allergic reactions

Call 911 Immediately if you or a covered dependent are experiencing a life-threatening emergency

911 (9-911 from a campus phone)

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, you may seek care at the nearest emergency room without penalty for out-of-network facility costs

Immediate in-person care from first responders24/7$0 for transport
Emergency Room at a hospitalImmediate in-person care from a doctor24/7$250 copay(if admitted to the hospital, $250 copay is waived and you are charged the $250 hospital stay copay