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Tax Form 1095

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All Stanford postdocs and their eligible dependents enrolled in the postdoc medical plan, Stanford Health Care Alliance, at the end of the previous year will receive tax form 1095-C, the annual notification of compliance with the individual shared responsibility provision of ACA.

The 1095 form will be sent to the MAILING ADDRESS registered in AXESS. If there is no MAILING ADDRESS, then it is sent to the home address in AXESS. For postdocs in the US on a J visa, the home address will be your home country's address. All postdocs are strongly encouraged to register a MAILING ADDRESS in AXESS to ensure timely delivery of all tax forms.

Delivery of the form can take up to two weeks to arrive. Although the envelope indicates Important Tax Information, the form is often overlooked because it isn't in a Stanford University envelope. The envelope's return address will indicate:
  HCS HealthAct
  PO box 18504
  Norfolk, VA 23501

If the form is not received by the end of February, you may contact the Sanford Service Team and request a reprint.

Please Note: You do not need your 1095 to file your taxes. It is informational only but should be kept in a safe place if you are asked to present it later. You only need to attest to having health insurance on your state tax form. Some tax preparers require this form to complete your taxes on your behalf.