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Teladoc for Behavioral Health

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Virtual counseling with online therapists and psychiatrists

Choose a therapist or psychiatrist who fits your needs and schedule visits 7 days a week from wherever you're most comfortable. Therapy sessions are $0/visit

Experts specialize in and support a wide range of needs:

  • Anxiety, stress, overwhelmed
  • Negative thought patterns
  • Depression
  • Not feeling like yourself
  • Not wanting to get out of bed
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Mood swings
  • Medication management*

Is therapy right for me? Find out

Build a relationship with an experienced therapist or psychiatrist of your choice

  1. Set up your account and fill out a brief medical history
  2. Choose the expert you think will be the best fit for you
  3. Pick the preferred dates and times that fit your schedule
  4. Meet with your chosen expert and start making progress
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*Only psychiatrists can prescribe medications. Teladoc psychiatrists cannot prescribe any controlled substances. Commonly prescribed medications include, but are not limited to, antidepressants, specific anxiolytics and select mood stabilizers and antipsychotics.