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Short-term Disability for Stipend-paid Postdocs

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The Standard Insurance Company

Group # 640844
To file a claim: (800) 378-2395

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Postdocs who are paid;

  • a monthly stipend through Stanford University and/or;
  • a fellowship not paid through Stanford payroll and/or;
  • by an outside funding agency

are enrolled for short-term disability through The Standard.


A regular appointed postdoctoral scholar paid a stipend or through an outside funding agency and appointed at least 30 hours weekly (75% effort).

How to Request a Disability Leave

Standard Insurance Disability Benefits Information:

Weekly Benefit

  • 60% of the first $2,700 of a postdoc's weekly pre-disability base stipend or outside-funded pay
  • The maximum benefit is $1,620/ week, subject to change every January 1st
  • The minimum benefit is $50/ week
  • The benefit is paid weekly and is taxable

Waiting Period Before Benefits Become Payable

  • 7 days for disability caused by accidental injury, illness, pregnancy, or mental disorder
  • Benefits will start on the day of hospitalization or surgery or on the 8th day of disability, whichever occurs first

Maximum Benefit Duration

  • 180 days (minus the benefits waiting period)

Stipend Supplement Pay

  • Postdocs may use sick time or time off with pay to supplement their disability benefit payment.
  • Maternity Disability Leave Only: Postdocs can receive up to six weeks of maternity leave with full pay. The postdoc is required to apply for short-term disability. The department will supplement the disability benefit to bring the postdoc to 100% full pay for six weeks of maternity disability.

Learn more about the Leave Policy, including time off with pay, sick time, and maternity leave.

How to Request a Disability Leave

What steps should you follow if you need to go out on a Voluntary Disability Leave?

  1. Determine which type of leave you need to file based on the reason you will be off work:
    • Own serious health condition?
    • Pregnancy-related leave?
  2. When possible, notify your PI/Faculty Mentor and department administrator at least 30 days before your leave and complete the Disability and Leave Request Form.
  3. Email the Postdoc Benefits Office or call (650)724-9490 to request additional information about next steps.
    • Special Note: Notify the Postdoc Benefits Office when you become aware of your pregnancy to receive additional information about Maternity Leave. Health information, including pregnancy, is protected and not shared outside the Postdoc Benefits Office.
  4. File your claim or leave with Standard Insurance, Stanford's disability vendor, about 3-4 weeks before your leave starts.