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Talkspace, a benefit made available to you through Aetna, is your digital space for private and convenient mental health support. With Talkspace, you can receive counseling, therapy, and medication services from the convenience of your device (iOS, Android, and web).

A behavioral health clinician or medical professional leads all care. Talkspace’s network features thousands of licensed, insured, and verified therapists and specialized prescribers who can support a variety of needs—including, but not limited to:

StressEating disordersIdentity strugglesRelationships
AnxietySubstance useChronic issuesHealthy living
DepressionSleepTrauma & grief...and more

Counseling and Therapy

On average, members can begin communications within days of matching with a licensed provider. Therapists typically engage daily during their business hours. Live sessions can take place within days of scheduling.*

Medication Evaluation and Management

Find an available psychiatric prescriber in minutes. ?With Talkspace Psychiatry, you can schedule video appointments with an in-state, licensed provider specializing in psychiatric evaluation. You'll meet virtually over live video within two weeks of booking, on average.

Additional Services

Members can access Talkspace education and self-help tools to complement their mental health journey. Designed by clinical experts, exercises are interactive, therapeutic, and easy to use.

MeditationJournalingReflectionsPositive Thinking

Ready to get started?

  • To register, visit Talkspace and have your medical ID number ready
  • Complete our QuickMatchTM provider finder tool to review your best match
  • Schedule a live session or message right away


*Appointment scheduling is based on availability and preferences